Texas Bluebonnets

I have now fulfilled my yearly obligation as a Texan to take bluebonnet pictures in the spring.

Sorry, I have no small children or dogs to place among the blue bonnets. I have taken my share of children in the bluebonnet pictures in years past. Perhaps I should have rounded up some of the grandchildren.


image image image

The wildflowers are truly going wild along the Texas roadways this year!




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Spring Roses

It must be spring, the roses are blooming!


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Which Buttons???

Here is my first ever Baby Surprise Jacket. My dilemma is I don’t want to go shopping for buttons.
These are the closest matches I have. I would really like grey but don’t have any on hand.. So pink or purple it is.


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Friends With Yarn

I was in Dallas last week visiting my knitter friend. She was cleaning her stash and brought me a bag of yarn.

I am starting a summer tee with this cotton-acrylic blend. The colors are very “me”.


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Hammie Habitat

My old computer died a slow and painful death. I am slowly getting acquainted with the new one, including playing with the camera and photo capabilities.

I had fun with the special effects as you can see in this photo of my hammies house:




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Spring Fever

I looked out my window and what did I see? The first flowers of spring looking at me.

(apologies to the true poets out there)


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Snow at the Lake



I know my Colorado family is laughing, but look at our snow!

It almost covers the leaves :-)


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