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Craft Room Update

The Hubby has taken over the Room, but he is forgiven because he is building a cedar day bed that I can store the Stash under. What a crafty (and sweet) Hubby I have. 😀

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Last Roses of Summer

I always love the ones that hang on the longest. Some of my roses will bloom again in fall when the weather starts to cool down. And they smell so good!

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Finally Felted

Here is the finished felted handbag. You can still see multiple colors, though not as well as prior to felting. I happened on the sheep button in the fabric store and knew it was the one. I am pleased with … Continue reading

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Wren Art

Choosing artwork for the Room. This is a colored pencil painting of a Carolina Wren that I did a few years ago. I thought it would be appropriate for baby wren’s creative space.  

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Knitting Weekend

Spent the weekend in Dallas knitting with a friend. I dug into the stash and chose two yarns in dark blue, one with sparkles. I had to go with a simple pattern since we usually do more talking than knitting. … Continue reading

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Angora booties. Not very practical as they must be handwashed, but oh so soft. I keep them in my work area and get inspired just holding them. I am clearly a fiber junkie!

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22,169 Stitches

Final stitches complete, clean and blocked. The softness is indescribable and so delicate, I can hardly wait for cool weather. Maybe I could just put the AC on deep freeze for a few hours, just to try it?!  

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Time For Trim

Work on my room is progressing. I am not too patient about waiting for paint to dry between coats, but finally ready to start putting the trim up. I have a long list of projects waiting for the sewing machine … Continue reading

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Yellow Rose of Texas

Roses in honor of my father, who always had roses blooming. Yellow roses in honor of my brother,who died too young. I never see a rose without thinking of the two of you.  

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Sitting In Traffic Country Style

Here we are, sitting in traffic. I am making good use of my time by working on short rows. The dusty windshield is courtesy of living on a dirt road.

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