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Rescue Me!

The day Rougie (Roog-eee) rescued me. Only four pounds, malnourished, and urine stained tail, hips and feet from living in a tiny crate for six months.   And now, coming into his own. Love this sweet boy! All six pounds … Continue reading

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On-the-Go Project Bag (and a Giveaway!)

Originally posted on Agujas:
When carrying my knitting around, I like to keep it in nice project bags. I used to drop works in progress (WIPs) into ziplock bags and throw them into my purse or tote bag. It was…

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Another Kate Davies Design

I am starting on a shawl designed by Kate Davies. I can’t seem to get enough of her designs. This one is called Northmavine Hap. It is from her book Colours of Shetland. I am using Knitpicks Chroma fingering yarn … Continue reading

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First Stitches in Shetland Lace

Originally posted on Crafty Tails:
Last weekend, my local yarn shop This Is Knit, organised a workshop on Shetland Lace with Gudrun Johnson. The class was really interesting. Gudrun began by explaining the construction used in Shetland lace, and then…

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Dog jumper No. 1

Originally posted on Crafty Tails:
I finished two dog jumpers* in the last few months, but because the weather has been seasonably warm (i.e. hot in Summer, which is surprisingly rare in Ireland) I haven’t had the chance to photograph them…

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Short Rows: Shadow Wraps

Originally posted on Socktopus Unplugged:
Over the last couple weeks I’ve reviewed the plain wrap, the yarn over wrap, the Japanese wrap, and the double stitch wrap. Finally we come to my little unvention, the shadow wrap. Thank you to…

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Squirrel Highway

The squirrels (we have many) like using the oak trees as a highway and seem to have routes marked out. This one looks like  he is telling me what he thinks of me interrupting his travels.

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