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Knitting Nudist

Even funnier because it’s true 🙂

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Masters Mitten

I finished my mitten for the masters coursework. The cuff was not regular ribbing but once I found my rhythm it wasn’t too bad. I do like the angled look.

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Swatch Crazy

Being a bit obsessive compulsive about certain things, I am re-swatching. I was not quite satisfied with the Cascade 220 yarn. I felt as if I were fighting every stitch (through sixteen swatches) as well as having a problem with … Continue reading

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New Old Desk

I found this old desk on the side of the road and saw beauty where someone else saw garbage. It is solid wood, not fiber board. With some new paint and hardware, it should make a great desk for the … Continue reading

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Blue Jays Gift

Walking along, minding my own business, a flash of blue caught my eye. A blue jay feather lying in the sand. So bright, it makes me smile.

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Swatches Two

As you can guess, I didn’t do any blocking. I decided to swatch some more instead. I finished the increase and decrease swatches, also the three eyelet swatches. I have no excuse to delay blocking any longer. I guess I … Continue reading

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More Rex, the Cammie Hammie

Rex has built a nest of pine shavings and toilet paper. He buried his water bottle spout in his nest so that if he wakes up thirsty, he doesn’t have to come out. He can just get his drink and … Continue reading

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First Swatches

The first swatches for my master knitting certification are ready to wash and block. Looks like my seed stitch can use some work, but I think I will see if blocking will improve it. At least it is only a … Continue reading

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Traveling Yarn Bowl

The crafty hubby has done it again. A yarn bowl that travels. It looks like a nice home loving yarn bowl until you attach it to the stand. The stand fits perfectly into the cup holder in the car and … Continue reading

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Following Instructions

The Knitting Guild Association offers certification as a master knitter. You knit swatches and projects, do research, answer some questions and write a report. I got it in my head that I can be a master knitter, so I ordered … Continue reading

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