First Swatches

The first swatches for my master knitting certification are ready to wash and block.

Looks like my seed stitch can use some work, but I think I will see if blocking will improve it. At least it is only a 4″ square if I decide to re-do it.

I am using Cascade 220, 100% wool, so these should be easy to block. There are 16 swatches total plus a mitten (just one mitten and they provide the pattern).


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4 Responses to First Swatches

  1. Forest So Green says:

    Do you decide the yarn to use?

    • babywren says:

      The yarn must be 100% wool, worsted weight in a light color so it is easy to see the stitches for the evaluation. The brand is up to you as is the color. Most popular choices seem to be the Cascade 220, Patons Classic Wool, and Lion Brand Fisherman’s Wool. Peggy

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