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A Walk After the Rain

We have had several good rains in the past few weeks. Some things are blooming that I haven’t seen before and everything feels fresh. Even the poison ivy in the oak trees.

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Nature Takes It Back

It amazes me how quickly nature takes over when given the tiniest chance. I took these photos from the dock behind our house. In normal years, we live on a nice little cove. The lake is down almost 6 feet, … Continue reading

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Fall Roses

The temperature here has been in the 80s for a week or so, today it was 74 (cold front!). The beautiful weather, plus a nice rain, and the roses are back in business.   The Texas Sage is liking the … Continue reading

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Blue Jays Gift

Walking along, minding my own business, a flash of blue caught my eye. A blue jay feather lying in the sand. So bright, it makes me smile.

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Texas Summer

Crape Myrtles reaching for the sun. Texas Sage in bloom. With a bumblebee. Cross Vines in yellow. Gotta love Texas summers, the colors are as hot as the temperatures!

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DragonFly Summer

It has been a hot and humid summer this year, perfect for dragonflies.

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Wren Art

Choosing artwork for the Room. This is a colored pencil painting of a Carolina Wren that I did a few years ago. I thought it would be appropriate for baby wren’s creative space.  

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