Hand Sewing

Can’t wait for the Room to be finished so I converted the bed into a cutting board and am going to give hand sewing a shot.

This will be the lining for my fair isle tote.

The only issue might be the zipper. I have never sewn a zipper by hand.

There is always something new to learn and I am always up for a crafty challenge!


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3 Responses to Hand Sewing

  1. Forest So Green says:

    Once I knit a sweater with a full zipper in the front. I had to sew it by hand. It was very fussy work but definitely worth the effort. Annie

    • babywren says:

      I read somewhere there is a way to actually knit the zipper in, I think you pick up stitches along the zipper with a crochet hook and knit onto them. Probably easier to do it by hand!

  2. Forest So Green says:

    Thanks for telling me. Good to know for any future zippers 🙂

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