Stash Socks

Bustin’ the stash and getting ready for cooler weather at the same time.

This is my favorite (and easiest) sock pattern.

I use two strands of worsted weight yarn with size 10.5 double points, cast on 28, 10 rows ribbing, 10 rows stockinette, 9 rows for my heel flap, turn the heel and stockinette to the toe.

Like magic, I have a snuggly pair of socks to wear for winter knitting! 

I can write out the pattern if anyone is interested. I don’t need the craft room for that.


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3 Responses to Stash Socks

  1. Forest So Green says:

    I like the color of those socks and that is an easy pattern. They must be nice and warm with two strands of worsted weight yarn 🙂 Annie

  2. sydster123 says:

    I agree, the Colorado are great!

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