The Big Question

A question for the ages… Finish my WIP (work in progress)? Or start the cashmere lace shawl with the new yarn?

I am quite sure I have enough UFOs (unfinished objects) but the new yarn is calling my name!


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Cashmere On A Cone

Look what I found in the mailbox today: Beautiful and soft cashmere silk blend yarn in pale grey. All the way from the UK.

I am excited and have started working on a lace pattern for a shawl. This may be one of those projects that takes me all year!


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Christmas Roses

I can only guess that it is a combination of all the rain and the cooler temperatures that causes my roses to bloom in the winter.

Whatever it may be, I love having roses for Christmas!


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Off The Needles

My hap shawl is off the needles and ready for blocking. Yay!


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Raining In Texas

Flooding and rain in Texas for three days now. We have received just over 7 inches at our house so far. It should let up by tomorrow.

In the meantime, knitting. What could be better than being all warm and cozy, holding beautiful wool in my hands, listening to rain on the tin roof?

I had been working on my Shetland lace shawl but put it down to start a Gudrun Johnston designed hap shawl in navy, greens, cream and tan.


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Actual Snow

We woke up to a good four inches of real snow in north Texas this morning.
And the snowshoes are in Colorado …


But don’t let the fluffy powder fool you, there is a solid inch of ice underneath, making driving (or walking) treacherous.

Snowy day knitting, a sock yarn cowl:


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Snow Day

I am doing some pattern writing and swatching since it is too cold to get outside today.


Snow day in Texas:



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Winter Crochet

imageMy grandson started college in Colorado last fall. It is snowy and cold there, so he requested a long blue and gray scarf.

I found a simple crochet pattern that is reversible, appearing blue on one side and gray on the other. It worked up quickly in Knit Picks Swish (washable wool) and I think it looks very masculine.

Stay warm Mike!


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Earrings? Or Stitch Markers?

Some one asked me why I was knitting with earrings.


These are hands down the nicest stitch markers I have ever used. They are from Miss Babs Fiber. And they do look like cute little earrings.

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How Not To Felt


Lesson learned: do not put a towel in the washer to assist in the felting process.

You will be picking pieces of terry cloth out of your knitting for HOURS!!

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