Amanda’s Squatty Sidekick

imageI chose a felted bag since I have only one skein of wool to work with. The pattern is Amanda’s Squatty Sidekick, available free from Interweave.

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WAL Project Beginnings

My daughter brought home a lovely skein of 100% wool from her trip to Ireland this past summer. She knows her mother well!

image image

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Wool Along

I love knitting with wool and am thrilled to join the WAL!

I love knitting with wool and am thrilled to join the WAL!

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Another Kate Davies Design

imageI am starting on a shawl designed by Kate Davies. I can’t seem to get enough of her designs.
This one is called Northmavine Hap. It is from her book Colours of Shetland.
I am using Knitpicks Chroma fingering yarn in Seaweed. It is a wool-nylon blend so should be a nice warm shawl that is also light weight.



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Kate Davies Designs Sheep Heid Hat

image imageAll done with my sheep heid hat! Many thanks to Kate Davies for all the inspiration and beautiful designs!

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First Stitches in Shetland Lace

And here she is in lace 🙂

Crafty Tails

Last weekend, my local yarn shop This Is Knit, organised a workshop on Shetland Lace with Gudrun Johnson. The class was really interesting. Gudrun began by explaining the construction used in Shetland lace, and then as we began work on our garter triangle, explained the history behind it. I found this really fascinating, it’s such an integral part of their heritage. I found some photos on the Shetland museum and archives website if you’re interested in seeing some historical examples. I love learning more about the history of knitting, it helps me feel connected to the past and particularly to the generations of my family who would have knitted to supplement their income.

As the workshop progressed we added to the body of our shawls and then added an edging. This is a mini version of Gudrun’s design Flukra and it’s really beautiful, with lace losenges. She recommended a pure…

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Dog jumper No. 1

What can be better than knitting for doggies??

Crafty Tails

Dog Jumpers 041I finished two dog jumpers* in the last few months, but because the weather has been seasonably warm (i.e. hot in Summer, which is surprisingly rare in Ireland) I haven’t had the chance to photograph them yet. It really didn’t seem fair to put the dogs in wool jumpers during a heat wave**. The temperature has dropped in the last week or so which meant that I could finally photograph these two jumpers without feeling guilty.

Dog Jumpers 036Mia models the Dog Sweater by Red Heart Design Team knitted in Cascade Yarns 220 on 5 and 5.5mm needles. I loved this top down pattern. It was a really quick, straightforward knit and a great base for experimentation. You just have to look through the finished projects on Ravelry to see what other have done with this pattern. It’s also very easy to measure and tailor the pattern to your dog as you go along. I…

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Short Rows: Shadow Wraps

I found this great tutorial for shadow wrap short rows at and decided the best way for my ADD brain to find it again is to reblog it. I hope other people may find it useful and will visit the original blog.

Socktopus Unplugged

Over the last couple weeks I’ve reviewed the plain wrap, the yarn over wrap, the Japanese wrap, and the double stitch wrap. Finally we come to my little unvention, the shadow wrap.

Thank you to Penny, Aurelia & Alice for their eagle sharp eyes! The instructions have been updated.

Method #5: Shadow Wraps

With the shadow wrap all the work is done when creating the wrap – once you’re done, the shadow wrap dissolves into the shadows, and yay! gets ignored!! It’s easy to see, so you can tell where to stop and turn, and easy to work since you simply treat the shadow as, well, the inseparable shadow to its twin stitch, that is you ignore it.

The first step is to knit to the turning stitch.

Before going any further, let’s just take a moment to identify the relevant stitches.  We’ll be creating…

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Wildflowers Part Two

Bluebonnet season has passed, this is what I see on the roadside these days:

image image

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Neglected Roses

No pruning. No fertilizer. No watering. Just sun and rain.

Look what happens when I let Mother Nature tend my roses:

image image image image


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